Generating Phone Leads For Local Businesses - The Future Of Affiliate Marketing Is NOW

Make money by making phones ring.

That's right, big changes in internet marketing is right around the corner, the time to act is now. If you have tried to earn an income online promoting products or services, you know all about the competition with other affiliate marketers. All trying to advertise the same products and often using the same replicated websites. Its hard isn't it? What if you could advertise any business in your own local area, without any competition at all. How about getting paid from a few dollars to 50 dollars or 100 dollars every time you make the phone ring at a local business. Guess what? you can. That's the future of affiliate marketing and its happening right now.

Acme Phone Leads is a new platform affiliates can use to generate phone leads for local businesses. By joining the Acme Phone Leads platform you will be given your own phone number, that you can redirect to the business you are advertising. You no longer have to build websites, blogs or landing pages to promote products any more. You don't have to advertise the same site that hundreds or thousands of other affiliates are advertising. Within the platform is a cloning feature that enables you to clone any businesses website. The only difference is that the website will now have your phone number on it and you host the site on your own domain.

What happens when you advertise the site and people call the number is, it redirects to the businesses phone number you are promoting, generating a lead for that business. Depending on what business you are generating leads for, you will get paid anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per lead. If you are an affiliate marketer you can not over look this. Generating phone leads is the future of affiliate marketing. This is where you, as an affiliate will make money in the future and the future is NOW. And the best part is - there is no competition. You will be able to set up deals and advertise the businesses in your very own neighborhood.

The business that you are promoting will be able to log in and see the calls that you have generated for them. Everything is being tracked.

Not comfortable going out making deals with the local businesses? No problem because within the Acme Phone Leads platform there is already more than 200 pre-negotiated offers that you can start to promote right away and over time that will increase to thousands. Over time, when you get comfortable contacting local businesses, you should do that because it will mean more profit to you as you wont have to share with the negotiator. This is what we call - Making your own Internet Business and works well with offline advertising as well. The future of Internet Marketing is calling you, are you ready? The future of Internet Marketing is generating local business phone leads. Google recently touched on this subject and this is what Google wants people to advertise, real businesses.
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