The Classic Cars of the Future is the Automobile You Are Driving Today

A true classic car is one that is completely original, and no modifications have been made decades later, including holes drilled, or add-on aftermarket parts replacing the genuine original parts. But have you ever considered that the classic cars of the future are nothing more than the automobiles we are driving today. In other words you are only 30-years too early. Now then, with that said maybe you should consider what you are doing before you drill holes in your center console, or start making major modifications.

Okay so, you probably don't plan on keeping your car for 30 years, but what if you did? Some of the cars driving around today will be totaled, rebuilt, refurbished, and be in car show someday in the future. Some of the cars driving around today may look like just regular cars, but they may win best of show at a car show in 30 years. Thus, it makes sense to take care of your automobile, keep it in good condition, and keep it as original as possible without too many major modifications if you wish to hold its value over the long term.

Why is it that so many people have a problem thinking here? Is it because everyone is busy living in the present period, rather than thinking about the future? Is it because humans live for the day, without regard to strategically planning their future? Perhaps, it is some of all of those things, but 30 years from now will be here, perhaps before you know it. After all, time does have a way of flying by when you stop thinking about it.

Over the years before retirement, I had been involved in sponsoring a number of classic car shows, as it was part of our marketing and branding strategy for my automobile service company. I can't tell you how many times that the judges who were quite well-versed in the factory specs of various cars would find sometimes ridiculous parts added to cars, often they would be Chinese trinkets, little plastic fittings and things stuck where they didn't belong.

Because of this they couldn't win best of show, because their car was not fully original, but it also showed a lack of regard for continuity of the era in which the car was entered in the contest. Well, rather than continue to lecture you, I would just like you to please consider all this and think on it. Because you might be driving a classic car, but your mindset is merely out of time.
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