The Time Is Now - Actions As a Habit

To be successful we need to overcome the hurdles that refrain us from taking action. To be successful we can not stay in the realm of ideas, we must face reality and change it. What it is needed is a strategy, a plan of action that might see us from the concept or idea to the end result. This plan would be a map, a self-motivation guide. In this article I call on you to seize the moment and take action now, by developing not only the idea, but the steps to make it a success.

The new information and tools you learn by changing your environment, your routine and incorporating new habits into your life will in turn feed your creativity and idea making potential. And then what? Success may only come once you turn those ideas into a well thought out action plan, and actually following through.

I found an interesting article at In it the author talks about putting ideas into action as a habit that needs to be nurture and develop overtime. It is OK to hesitate, but to be successful you need to stop feeding your anxieties and instead fuel your self with the adrenaline that comes naturally when we are facing the unknown. The key here is to be armed with a vision and a strategic plan. However, once we've developed this comprehensive and concise action plan we've only reached a middle ground. Here is where the action habits come to play its crucial role. At the point of action many of us resort to excuses and explanations.

The perfectionist needs to take action instead of waiting for the "perfect time, perfect service, perfect product, perfect way, perfect idea". The thinker needs to practice being a doer, acting on the idea of today and not waiting on the idea that may or may not come tomorrow. The anxious needs to move from flight to fight. The creative needs to search for the creation and not rely on the mind-set of "when inspiration strikes". Do something to spark that creativity. The futurist needs to come to terms with the here and now. Yes, it is important to take future trends into account, future needs, future prospects, future conditions, yet, the time spent waiting is time lost for the development of a project for Today. Put all your good intentions and drive your everyday habits to get all gears moving into a direction that may actively involve you in the creation of new realities.
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